The WEMS MX I/O Range offers unprecedented flexibility to simplify installation and minimise overall installed cost

The WEMS MX range of I/O is madeup using clusters of DIN rail mounted modules that plug together, like building blocks. Each module is dedicated to an I/O function i.e. digital inputs, thermistor inputs, analogue inputs, analogue outputs, relay outputs or communications. This modular approach allows the user to match the exact combination of points required at each location.

Each cluster of modules requires a controller and a communications module, which can be either wired RS-485, or one of three wireless frequencies (434MHz, 868MHz or 915MHz). Each cluster of I/O can use both wired and wireless communications modules concurrently to enable the creation of a hybrid network. This mixing of communications allows you to tailor your systems to each building’s plant and infrastructure and also allows you to effectively value-engineer your projects to deliver a faster, more efficient install.

Key Features:

  • Concurrent wired & wireless comms
  • Snap-fit modular I/O means no wasted points
  • Our wireless range is 2-3km line-ofsight
  • Routed discovery for hopped devices
  • Compatible with WEMS Site Managers and all BACnet compatible BMS via our Gateways
  • 128 bit wireless encryption
  • Supports Modbus over wireless

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