Sphere System

WebXL is a fully object orientated controller which does not require the user to write any programs. It is configured by assigning inputs, outputs and variables to objects and setting various constants within each object. All configuration is done using web pages using the inbuilt web server. Configuration can also be done “offline” using an Excel spreadsheet and the configuration file generated by this can be uploaded to the controller. Backgrounds and animations for screens can be uploaded to the controller. The WebXL communicates between controllers using XML Open protocol.

Features and Benefits

  • “All in the box” leads to true interoperability between controllers.
  • Inbuilt Web Server
  • Uses a standard browser with no installed software on the client’s computer.
  • No need to purchase or maintain software.
  • Uses standard UTP cabling resulting in low installation cost.
  • XML protocols allow a low cost growth path to incorporate advanced features.
  • High point count leads to low network traffic.
  • Extensive inbuilt control algorithms allow the building to function even if the network fails.
  • Very powerful yet very simple to learn to use.
  • Graphic and table driven with no programming language.
  • Extensive on-board logging.