Energy Management

The management of energy in buildings and industrial processes is now common practice. We have put together a selection of products to bring to the market a “plug and play” energy monitoring solution that can be stand alone or networked. This is an easy way to get your consumption under control.

Measuring electrical energy is easy and convenient with the SENCON flush mounted energy meter from SIEMENS. It fits neatly into any switchboard and has on board communication. Navigation buttons allow for local indication of all variables.

Sentron PAC3200 

Price (GST Inc.): AU$1058.2

Quantity: 1 (Want more? Please call us)

DIN rail mounted electrical energy meters from SBC are easy to install and fit seamlessly into the SBC solution. All variables can be accessed from the operator panel and on board communication is included.

All data is captured by the E-controller from SBC and packaged daily/weekly or yearly in CSV files which can be accessed by a standard browser. The E-controller is pre-programmed, thus making it truly plug and play.

All data can be exported to colour touch web panels for display or can be sent to a designated office PC. Multiple web panels can be installed to make the data available to all stake holders.

Water flows can be monitored and data sent to the E-controller for recording  and analysis.

Thermal energy generated by boilers and chillers can be added to the system to make a complete solution.

Product Downloads: Ultrasonic Meters Brochure